• Custom-tailored care with special emphasis on cats with separation anxiety or shyness.

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Hi, I'm Meredith and I have the best job ever! Pet care used to be my fantasy job when I worked in high tech publishing. I'd leave my two cats, Scotch and Soda, and my dog, Cody, in the care of a wonderful sitter each day as I commuted to work. Out of town business left me so grateful for the help of a trusted sitter. That peace of mind was so important.

With retirement from corporate life, I am happily ensconced in the world of cats and offer you the services I was so lucky to find. I've partnered up with Beans, our new Vice President in charge of translating cat language into human practices. I am bonded, insured and an active member of my community. I believe in continued education in the field of feline behavior and specialize in cats with separation anxiety or shyness.

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There is nothing like the love and trust of a cat.

Why Cats Only?

A client recently told me that he believed when you've earned the love and trust of a cat, there is nothing like it. Exactly right. I've felt that way for a long time...my whole life,really. I have always loved animals and have been a pet parent to many dogs and cats, fish, turtles, bunnies, even a duck! But to me, cats are special and unique, empathic, funny, quirky and fascinating.

Most of the time, dogs get the attention on pet sitting sites. I find this strange as there are more cats as pets in the country as there are dogs. While I love dogs, and have a few dog clients, I wanted to have a place where the cat is not the forgotten pet. I wanted to relate to other cat owners who find it satisfying to earn the love and cater to these special creatures.

I find that cat owners are unique in themselves and seek a company that provides for their cats every need; a company whose staff know how to read cat body language, and what health signs to watch for; and a company that understands unique and odd requests. We understand a cat parents need to have their sitter pay attention to every detail, providing thorough communication to them about the daily visits to their cats. Sweet Beans Cat Sitting strives to provide that superior service.

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Services & Features

Cat Care

  • Meal Service
  • Water Bowl Refresh
  • Scooping of Litter
  • Giving of Medication
  • Affection and Play Time

Home Care

  • Bringing in Mail & Packages
  • Alternating Lights
  • Taking Out Trash
  • Watering Plants
  • Making Home Look Lived In


  • Check in/Check Out Text
  • Detailed Visit Recap
  • Notes
  • Photos & Videos
  • Confirmation Before Each Trip

Being Reasonable!


Meet & Greet (FREE)

Initial meeting to understand your pets needs and to see if we are a good fit.


Ideal for 1-2 cat household
$33/30 minutes


Ideal for 3+ cat household
$44/45 minutes


Cats who need more attention
$95/10 hour stay

A 20% Holiday surcharge is required for New Years Eve, New Years Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Hours of Operation: 9Am to 6PM Monday through Sunday.

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. Felidae's Bay Area Puma Project

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Felidae works on behalf of balanced ecosystems globally, and locally. Felidae’s Bay Area Puma Project, conducts research on native wild cat species at the urban edge in California. The project works with local communities to collect wildlife data holistically and share insights on behaviors and trends and lessen conflict with wild cats.

Visit our public-facing sightings map at www.bapp.org where you can report sightings and upload images or video and contribute to wildlife conservation.

Connect with us at www.felidaefund.org